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Calitzo Consult & Construction Company Limited

Calitzo Consult and construction Company Limited

Calitzo Consult and construction Company Limited is a whole indigenous firm, owned and managed by a group of young and resourceful professionals.  Calitzo group offer multi-disciplinary consultancy services, construction work, Oil and Gas, Interior and Exterior Decoration, Travel and Tour Agent, Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology, General Contractor, Import and Export, Transportation services to public and private sector clients within Nigeria.

Our Locations

Our Estates are located at strategic locations in the heart of town such as mabushi, Wuye, Katampe, kado, Asokoro, LifeCamp, Jabi, Jahi ,Lugbe, Kyari, Karmo, Dawaki, and more

Due Diligence Report

  • Location: The Project Site is located in the Kado Districtof Abuja. (9°02’08″N, 7°24’49″E)
  • The central location puts it close to Jabi, Jahi, Gwarinpa, and the Central Business District. 
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Dutches Apartment Kado phase 2 is our current site

This is a project site located in the Kado District of Abuja. The central location put it close to Jahi, Jabi, Gwarinpa, and the central business district.

The size of this land is 84 Hectares which is fullyusable. The estate will feature a prime Golf ⛳ course, Residential property development, Presidential villas, Artificial Lake, Luxury Hotel aside from other exciting amenities.

Consultancy Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: building designs strategy, real estate marketing and valuation, landed property organization, on site and off site operations, building technology and robotics Architecture, clients’ need transformation, digitalization of all design processes, advanced analytics, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all avenue of the building industries. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any client or organisation. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces but also by helping our clients achieve their dream home(s).


Become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused.

Cost Transformation

Align costs with strategy and focus on growth in all building designs and construction processes.

Customer Experience

Deliver great customer experiences that increase loyalty and decrease costs.

Learning & Development

CALITZO CONSULT provides customized design experiences led by Calitzo experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives with consideration(s) to our clients housing needs.


How We Help?

Mergers and Acquisitions

Achieve consistently higher returns of investment (ROI) with a systematic and repeatable approach in housing needs and delivery.


How much better, faster or smarter your home can be with building solutions from our team of experts?

People and Organization

Improve performance by ensuring your people can deliver on your strategy.

Private Equity

We advise investors across the entire investment life cycle from conceptual framework to final commission.


Reduce your cost base by providing sustainable consultancy solution.

Sales and Marketing

Build a customer-focused—and growth-oriented—organization.


Join the elite ranks of sustained value creators in the building industry.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Embed principles that become a source of ongoing and increasing value.


Change the trajectory of your housing needs and achieve extraordinary results.

Infrastructural Services

Building, optimizing and maintaining good road networks of all description, borehole drilling, drainage construction and control, IT framework, and infrastructure facilities management are complex tasks if you happen not to be an expert in that specific field.
With years of experience in the field of building, deploying and maintaining good road network and infrastructure facilities management etc with our own team of experts, our experts will help to provide a professional assessment and recommend an solution optimization for your infrastructure needs.

Development Services

We provide inspections and plan reviews for commercial and residential development.

A resource for the development of community with organic approaches that assist with navigating the development process.

service management division architectural and engineering plans, subdivisional plats, eco friendly tree conservation, building codes and zoning ordinances for compliance with city codes.


CALITZO CONSULT offers an extensive range of commercial, industrial and technical procurement and supply services. We provide industrial machinery equipment, oil drilling and production supplies, industrial electrical & electronic systems, labouratory equipment, office stationaries, personal protection equipment, specialty items, spare parts, as well as manufacturing and operating consumables for the industries that we service. Included in these services are comprehensive support logistics, delivery, installation and training solutions.

Our Procurement team has extensive experience in managing and performing procurement activities for large EPIC contracts.

Our partnerships in the areas of Technical Procurement, Engineering & Maintenance Service Agreements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) allows for speedy implementation of service contract.

We currently have agreements with foreign and local Partners in the supply of products and services in which we are the exclusive agents to the manufacturers. We also have many International Joint Venture (IJV) and Mutual Beneficial partnership with interest in large EPIC procurement contracts.


CALITZO Central Procurement Department provides a full range of professional procurement services to all company projects aimed at achieving the main objectives of procuring the project materials, equipment and services on time and to the specified quality.
The Procurement scope of services covers the following activities:

• Purchasing/Sourcing and Market Expertise

• Desk and Shop Expediting Services

• Quality Surveillance (Test / Inspections)

• Traffic & Logistics Expertise


CALITZO CONSULT strives to complete our procurement deliveries on-time and according to specified quality requirements and costs by harnessing and tailoring supply chain, including internal and outsourced resources and expertise. We effectively manage the key supply chain operations of sourcing, purchasing, expediting, and logistics according to well-defined procedures and to high ethical standards.
Consequently, we focus on adding value to the whole Supply Chain:

• to our customers by providing tailor-made solutions according to their needs

• To our suppliers by pursuing most efficient use of resources through coordination, collaboration, and integration of activities.

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Construction Sites

Consultant Architect

at stoned concrete pavings